#605 Allow using 'Quick contents' compare for big (binary) files

Kimmo Varis
Kimmo Varis

We currently have problems comparing big binary files.
Current code creates two buffers for every file, so it
takes lot of memory for big files.

Fortunately there is solution: Compare by Quick
Contents doesn't create those buffers and allows
checking if big files are identical or different.

Currently comparing too big files produces error
result, using quick contents allows us at least show if
files are identical/different.

My suggestion is to automatically compare bigger than X
MB files using Compare by Quick Contents. I think X
should be something like 2-10 MB. It could be an
compare option but I don't really see need for option
for this.

It would be nice if we could use current compare for
text files and Compare by Quick Contents for all binary
files. Problem is we don't know before comparing if
file is text file or binary file. So checking if file
is text or binary propably takes more time than we
would save using faster compare method (current compare
time < check + Compare by Quick Contents?).


  • Kimmo Varis
    Kimmo Varis

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  • Kimmo Varis
    Kimmo Varis

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  • Kimmo Varis
    Kimmo Varis

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    Patch is applied to CVS trunk, so I'm closing this as fixed.