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#16 Remove empty folders from view.


When doing a comparison of two folders, I need to know
what files exist in one folder, but not the other.
Using the Show files only in Right view will show all
folders (VC++ - Debug and Release folders) that are
empty. An option to not show folders should be
included and the default should be off.


  • Dennis Lim
    Dennis Lim

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    I need more information for this.

    1) In order to know what files exist in one but not the
    other, just do a normal directory diff and use the click on
    the header to sort such that it is easier to see what files
    are only in one directory, etc.

    2) Please elaborate on the 'Show files only in Right view'

    3) The folders shown are not necessarily empty. Just that
    the folder exists in one directory but not the other. If
    you do not need to check for differences inside folders,
    may I suggest you turn off the 'recurse' feature.

  • Dennis Lim
    Dennis Lim

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    A while back, I modified the source code to add a
    few "missing" functionalities. I submitted them via e-mail
    to Dean, but he didn't have the time to translate them to
    all the other languages. If you like, I can e-mail the
    source code to you to check it out. However, here's a
    summary of all changes I made.

    1. In the General tab, added two check box options under
    Settings to Ignore empty folders (when doing recursion) and
    to Automatically move after selection copied (this
    obviously requires an edit box under it to set the timer to
    a specific amount). Reasons for these are as follows: When
    doing recursive comparisons, I may have empty folders in
    one side that don't exist in the other, and I just choose
    to ignore this fact. The other is for when I need to copy
    one line at a time from one side to the other, I have it
    automatically scroll down after 500 ms after copying so I
    don't have to click the down arrow. Saves me from moving
    the mouse. :-)

    2. Added a Projects tab under properties to create and save
    filters for specific projects. For example, Visual C++
    would have a filter extension
    of "*.cpp;*.h;*.rc;*.idl;*.odl", while Visual Basic would
    obviously have something else. This is not fully
    implemented yet.

    3. Made recursive on open checked by default. Very

    4. Changed the View menu from what it was by splitting Show
    Different Files into a menu item that has two submenu items
    called Show ASCII Different Files and Show Binary Different
    Files. This way, I can see images and binary differences
    separate and copy all if I want to. Removed Show Unique
    Files and added Show Uncompared Files, Show Left Files Only
    and Show Right Files Only instead.

    Hope this helps.

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    See Tracker #469591 for source code.

  • Christian List
    Christian List

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    There are now filters to do this sort of thing

  • Christian List
    Christian List

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