#1200 Add a differences report summary filter

GUI (348)

When I run a ocmpare on two folders, the result gives me a big list of all files and the results. I can sort by result but I have to count them myself to find out how many are in each category (same, different, only on one side).
What I suggest is adding a summary of the totals for each result category, automatically displayed across the top. Such as:
All (90); Same (80); Different (8); Only on Left (1); Only on Right (1)
Clicking any result category (such as different) would filter the list to include only that result. The "All" category could be clicked to show everything again.
Coming from the commercial software Beyond Compare, this is one feature is sorely miss. In Beyond Compare, it is implemented differently--the results come up preorganized by result and collapsible. But I don't think that is the best solution for WinMerge... although it would be better than what we have now.