#2068 Copy left to right does nothing

Michael J. Quinn

I just tried to get configuration information under the help menu, but got "Failed to load library". I tried to continue and got a series of errors. When I finally said "Cancel", WinMerge closed. But, this is not the error I'm reporting...

I'm trying to sync files from one total hard drive to a new subfolder on a bigger drive. There are many files that WinMerge complains about, so I individually deselect those problem files. Then, when I click the button to copy from left to right, it prompts me to confirm I want to copy the thousands of files from H:\ to c:\H1-Backup. When I click "OK", the dialog box goes away and nothing happens... no copy takes place.

Other times, it'll start copying, but it says it's copying all 251,000+ files from my source drive... files that I did NOT have selected to copy. I can't tell if it's actually attempting to copy them all because it never completes. There are ALWAYS errors, like some files under users folders that I don't have access to. That'll halt the copy process, waiting for my permission, and many times it'll just end there.


  • Ditto for right to left copy.