#20 WinLIRC Input device support

v1.0 (example)

Hi guys
Having an problem getting WinLIRC to get signals from my input device.
Sent a mail to Jim, forgetting that he is no longer the developer, and advised me that device may not be supported- thanks again Jim.

I got the cfg file I need for my remote but I dont know how to configure the input device as the USB receivedr I got with my TV card (Leadtek P/N: X01G0067)
I'm not sure how to get WinLIRC to use the USB device as an input device.

Systems details:
Windows 7 Home-Pro 64bit
CPU: Intel Q6600 @ 3GHz @ 1.3v
Mobo: Gigabyt G31M-S2L @ 1333FSB @ +0.1v
RAM: 4Gb @ 817MHz Cl7 @ 1.9v
TV Card: PCI Leadtek WinFast TW2000XP Model 4
(NOTE: NOT INSTALLED, only using remote and Receiver, I have it here somewhere in a box)
Remote: Leadtek WinFast Y04G0004
IR Receiver: USB Leadtek PN: X01G0067
Drivers: Both Win 7 64bit std and Leadtek Win 7 64bit

Do I need to have the actual TV card installed to use WinLIRC with custom commands?
Currently the std Windows installed driver does make the remote work and I can control Windows Media Centre, but the volume buttons do not work so was looking for an app with which I could change/program the controls, was hoping WinLIRC would be able to do that.

Please advise.
Regards, Richard


  • Ian

    Can you take a photo of the hardware?
    All these cards
    It looks like you plug the receiver into the card itself.
    My guess is, if its USB maybe it has its own API or something. Either that or it just recognises itself as a HID device.

    Maybe you can ask crazycat, hes the DVB guy, unfortunately I only own a skystar2 card :)