Fail fail fail all the time :S

  • Anglhz

    Hi. Ive tried following your instructions on how to reset to the default network but it just wont work… First of all it always gives me error when i try to set the settings. (IP Change failed, Please check settings (and cable?) This is annoying i also get error when i tick the DHCP thingy (Change Failed, please check settings and try again WMI returned with error: Unable to configure DHCP service… Even more annoying. Then i followed the Advanced tutorial on how to reset it but its so hard to understand. The part where i dont understand anything is

    "So you have your address and have identified the network part of your address. This will always stay the same. Now choose a number between 0 and 255 for the host part of the address (cannot be 0 or 255). "

    The sbumask adress i have on MY laptop (same network as the error pc) is

    I really dont know what to do please help :(


  • Isaac Brown
    Isaac Brown

    I'm in the same boat. I'm running Windows 7 Pro x64 and it is a work laptop, but we are a company of engineers, so it isn't exactly on lockdown and I'm an administrator. In my tray, I see hangouts, Intel Rapid Storage, Symantec Endpoint (disabled), TightVNC server, Outlook 2013, and, of course, Fast IP Changer in case those might be the issue. I can't completely remove Symantec, what with IT policy and jobs and all, but it's been the whole time.

    Fast IP Changer can detect my network adapters and read their settings, but has not successfully set anything, giving the same errors referred to above.

  • craig305

    I am running Windows 7 and I was getting the "IP Change failed..." error message, too. I found out that the problem was that the "netsh" command used within the AutoIT script requires administrator rights to set any IP parameters. One simple way to give it administrator rights is to right click on the "IPChangerV1.7.exe" file and then "Run as administrator".

    This next part is really a note for the developers. I am new to SourceForge and don't really know where it should go. (I am sorry in advance for that.)

    I actually found this problem and its solution the hard way. I downloaded the AutoIT program (it's free) so that I could edit the source "IPChangerV1.x.au3" file. I found the "netsh" commands within the source file and entered one into a command prompt, which told me that I needed admin rights. Looking through the AutoIT help, I found that you could add a "#RequireAdmin" tag to the beginning of the source file to address this problem. Once this tag is added, when the script is ran, it nags the user for admin rights.

    I am attaching my modified script (source file) to this post. It has the "#RequireAdmin" tag, renamed error message string variable names, and verbose message boxes that show all the "netsh" commands that were ran.