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Wings 3D / News: Recent posts

Bjorn on vacation (back Nov 4)

Mail to bjorng@users.sourceforge.net will be answered when I am back.


Posted by Bjorn Gustavsson 2001-10-29

Native file dialogs on Windows

The major new feature of Wings 0.83 is native file dialog boxes for all file operation (Open, Save As, Import/Export).

Posted by Bjorn Gustavsson 2001-10-25

Wings 0.82 released

Wings 0.82 contains important bug fixes in 3DS and OBJ import. Wings 0.82 supports user interface plugins.

Posted by Bjorn Gustavsson 2001-10-24

Wings 3D version 0.81 is out

Version 0.81 includes problem fixes and new features requested from Wings users. More work have been done on the plugin interface. Example plugins will be available within a few days.

Posted by Bjorn Gustavsson 2001-10-22