#173 monitor goes black, computer does not respond

ernie weinstein

i may need to repeat this a few more times before i can
tell you how it is happening. but as far as i know, it
seems like it happens only sometimes when i deselect
using the spacebar. the program stops responding for a
few seconds followed by a black screen. it's as if
someone just turned off the monitor. ctrl+alt+delete
does nothing. i am required to restart using the reset

some other info for you:

OS: windows XP
CPU: AMD athlon 1400Ghz
video card: ati radeon 9500NP

wings version: 0.98.17 (i am about to install latest
version, let you know if this resolves the issue or not)


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    i think i've found the general area of the smoking gun. when i
    have my opengl settings low with AA and AF turned off, i do
    not get a crash. when AA and AF are turned all the way up, i
    get a crash.

    i am using catalyst driver 3.9 (latest) for my Radeon 9500 NP.