#106 System hangs on startup, details below


It seems that it is similar to the bug n°533431, but I have an
additional problem: the menu entries are hidden, for the superior
third part (sorry, I couldn't take a screen photo, I will try to find a tool
that make one).

On launching Wings, all seems normal.
But the third of the menus entries are blank (I have the entry, but not
the text saying what it does, and have to try to see what it

After some attempts to make the software do
something, very stranges thing appear. I can insert solids, but the
background becomes black on trying to select them, and the
whole system freezes from time to time (no frequency and neither
have I precise measure, it changes).

Eventually, the
computer hangs, and I have to restart it manually.

If I escape
Wings without doing anything, the exit is clean.

The crash
happened on a windows 98 SE box. The version of Erlang was OTB
R8B, with the Beam emulator 5.1 (I don't know anything to Erlang,
so I hope it helps).

The current version of Wings is 0.95.03. I
have no experience of Wings.

As I said, it may be the same
bug than 533431, but the description of that is not precise enough to
make me sure.

If I can find a screen photos app, I will
reconnect and complete my bug report. Ask questions for things I
would have forgotten.


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    I have the same problem with the menus. For me it happens on a Win2000
    computer with a Matrox G550 card. The previous Wings version
    (0.95.02) works fine.