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winfingerprint / News: Recent posts

Winfingerprint CLI version available for testing.

I have not been maintaining the CLI version of winfingerprint for quite some time. With all of the improvements in 0.6.x, I have finally synchronized the code. Please give it a test http://winfingerprint.sourceforge.net/winfingerprintcli.zip
NOTE: Not all options are exposed as options yet.

Posted by Kirby Kuehl 2005-07-18

MySQL + PHP Developer Needed

The Winfingerprint and Wininterrogate CVS version both contain basic support for MySQL + PHP + Apache. I have written a single table + simple PHP database queries but am looking for someone who can help optimize the database design and write powerful and useful PHP database query pages. Send an email to vacuum@users.sourceforge.net if interested in helping.

Posted by Kirby Kuehl 2004-11-25

Wininterrogate 0.1.7 Released

Wininterrogate 0.1.7 released. This version is a significant rewrite of old code and now contains both SHA-1 (new default) and MD5 hashing capabilities.

The upcomong 0.2.0 release (currently in CVS) now contains MySQL database support via ODBC.

Posted by Kirby Kuehl 2004-09-26

Winfingerprint 0.5.12 Released

Releases 0.5.10 and 0.5.11(a) both contain significant problems surrounding TCP SYN scans and ICMP echo requests.

Posted by Kirby Kuehl 2004-07-29

Pixilate 0.4a

Released pixilate 0.4a which contains no new features, but fixes an autoconf bug reported by the FreeBSD ports maintainer.

Posted by Kirby Kuehl 2003-07-17