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winfingerprint / News: Recent posts

Winfingerprint CLI version available for testing.

I have not been maintaining the CLI version of winfingerprint for quite some time. With all of the improvements in 0.6.x, I have finally synchronized the code. Please give it a test
NOTE: Not all options are exposed as options yet.

Posted by Kirby Kuehl 2005-07-18

MySQL + PHP Developer Needed

The Winfingerprint and Wininterrogate CVS version both contain basic support for MySQL + PHP + Apache. I have written a single table + simple PHP database queries but am looking for someone who can help optimize the database design and write powerful and useful PHP database query pages. Send an email to if interested in helping.

Posted by Kirby Kuehl 2004-11-25

Wininterrogate 0.1.7 Released

Wininterrogate 0.1.7 released. This version is a significant rewrite of old code and now contains both SHA-1 (new default) and MD5 hashing capabilities.

The upcomong 0.2.0 release (currently in CVS) now contains MySQL database support via ODBC.

Posted by Kirby Kuehl 2004-09-26

Winfingerprint 0.5.12 Released

Releases 0.5.10 and 0.5.11(a) both contain significant problems surrounding TCP SYN scans and ICMP echo requests.

Posted by Kirby Kuehl 2004-07-29

Pixilate 0.4a

Released pixilate 0.4a which contains no new features, but fixes an autoconf bug reported by the FreeBSD ports maintainer.

Posted by Kirby Kuehl 2003-07-17