Try to actually start using the Winfingerprint Mailing lists (This is a little late):
Stable: 0.5.3 Released 09/25/2002
- Fixed "Long IP problems" reported by shadowfen. szComputerM and szComputerW, and MultibytetoWideChar() where resized to 18 characters to 17 characters. This bug crept into the 0.5.1 release through the use of lmcons.h
- Packaged activeds.dll and adsldpc.dll into installer (Reported by ludovic petit and others.)
- Can now specify different port ranges for both TCP and UDP scans.
- Major Code Cleanup of Launch() function, now broken up into Stage() and Launch().
- Fixed Error Handling for Transport and Session Enumeration functions. Reported by shadowfen.
- Set Rich Edit Control to Read Only during scans. Report "Done." when scan is completed.
- Migrated from VC++6.0 to VC++ .NET
- Added changeable timeout for TCP/UDP/ICMP scans (select) and send and receive timeouts (setsockopt). Suggested by Justin Lindy.
- Added "Network Neighborhood" scan from the old winfingerprint 2.29 command line version except this time you can enumerate the entire network neighborhood by leaving option blank, or specify which domain to enumerate. (Suggested by Bret). Rewrote help.
Current - Released 10/02/2002
10/02/2002. Fixed bug causes by missing RegCloseKey() when enumerating remote registries.
If a system was scanned two times in succession, the second scan would fail due to the registry connection not being properly terminated.
Reported by Mike Clark.