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Diff of /lib/WineTestBot/Patches.pm [59db3c] .. [7908f1] Maximize Restore

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--- a/lib/WineTestBot/Patches.pm
+++ b/lib/WineTestBot/Patches.pm
@@ -28,19 +28,19 @@
 package WineTestBot::Patch;
 use Encode qw/decode/;
-use ObjectModel::Item;
 use WineTestBot::Config;
 use WineTestBot::PendingPatchSets;
 use WineTestBot::Jobs;
 use WineTestBot::Users;
 use WineTestBot::Utils;
 use WineTestBot::VMs;
+use WineTestBot::WineTestBotObjects;
 use WineTestBot::Engine::Notify;
 use vars qw(@ISA @EXPORT);
 require Exporter;
-@ISA = qw(ObjectModel::Item Exporter);
+@ISA = qw(WineTestBot::WineTestBotItem Exporter);
 sub InitializeNew
@@ -287,14 +287,14 @@
 package WineTestBot::Patches;
 use ObjectModel::BasicPropertyDescriptor;
-use ObjectModel::Collection;
 use ObjectModel::PropertyDescriptor;
 use WineTestBot::Config;
+use WineTestBot::WineTestBotObjects;
 use vars qw(@ISA @EXPORT);
 require Exporter;
-@ISA = qw(ObjectModel::Collection Exporter);
+@ISA = qw(WineTestBot::WineTestBotCollection Exporter);
 @EXPORT = qw(&CreatePatches);
 my @PropertyDescriptors;