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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. */

#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIDOMMozMobileConnectionInfo;
interface nsIDOMMozMobileICCInfo;
interface nsIMobileMessageCallback;
interface nsIDOMMozSmsSegmentInfo;

[scriptable, uuid(1e602d20-d066-4399-8997-daf36b3158ef)]
interface nsIRILDataCallInfo : nsISupports
   * Current data call state, one of the
   * nsINetworkInterface::NETWORK_STATE_* constants.
  readonly attribute unsigned long state;
  readonly attribute AString cid;
  readonly attribute AString apn;
  readonly attribute AString ifname;
  readonly attribute AString ip;
  readonly attribute AString netmask;
  readonly attribute AString broadcast;
  readonly attribute AString gw;
  readonly attribute jsval dns;

[scriptable, uuid(5bcac053-c245-46f0-bb45-d0039bfb89f5)]
interface nsIRILDataCallback : nsISupports
   * Notified when a data call changes state.
   * @param dataCall
   *        A nsIRILDataCallInfo object.
  void dataCallStateChanged(in nsIRILDataCallInfo dataCall);

   * Called when nsIRadioInterfaceLayer is asked to enumerate the current
   * data call state.
   * @param datacalls
   *        Array of nsIRILDataCallInfo objects.
   * @param length
   *        Lenght of the aforementioned array.
  void receiveDataCallList([array,size_is(length)] in nsIRILDataCallInfo dataCalls,
                           in unsigned long length);

[scriptable, uuid(c0c5cb9f-6372-4b5a-b74c-baacc2da5e4f)]
interface nsIVoicemailInfo : nsISupports
  readonly attribute DOMString number;

  readonly attribute DOMString displayName;

[scriptable, uuid(2f1c8055-322e-490a-b1e1-4ccd5d546b3c)]
interface nsIRilContext : nsISupports
  readonly attribute DOMString radioState;

  readonly attribute DOMString cardState;

  readonly attribute long retryCount;

  readonly attribute DOMString imsi;

  readonly attribute DOMString networkSelectionMode;

  readonly attribute nsIDOMMozMobileICCInfo iccInfo;

  readonly attribute nsIDOMMozMobileConnectionInfo voice;

  readonly attribute nsIDOMMozMobileConnectionInfo data;

[scriptable, uuid(c1c9d1e6-fec6-4c99-880d-7a310d736e64)]
interface nsIRadioInterfaceLayer : nsISupports
   * Activates or deactivates radio power.
  void setRadioEnabled(in bool value);

  readonly attribute nsIRilContext rilContext;

  readonly attribute nsIVoicemailInfo voicemailInfo;

   * PDP APIs
  void setupDataCallByType(in DOMString apntype);
  void deactivateDataCallByType(in DOMString apntype);
  long getDataCallStateByType(in DOMString apntype);
  void setupDataCall(in long radioTech,
                     in DOMString apn,
                     in DOMString user,
                     in DOMString passwd,
                     in long chappap,
                     in DOMString pdptype);
  void deactivateDataCall(in DOMString cid,
                          in DOMString reason);
  void getDataCallList();

  void registerDataCallCallback(in nsIRILDataCallback callback);
  void unregisterDataCallCallback(in nsIRILDataCallback callback);

  void updateRILNetworkInterface();

   * SMS-related functionality.
  nsIDOMMozSmsSegmentInfo getSegmentInfoForText(in DOMString text);

  void sendSMS(in DOMString number,
               in DOMString message,
               in nsIMobileMessageCallback request);