Commit [93cd31] Maximize Restore History

Bug 673631 - Clean up probes and register (almost) all profiler control entry points in JS_DefineProfilingFunctions (r=luke,waldo,jst)

Previously, JS_DefineProfilingFunctions only defined a very basic set of
functions (startProfiling and stopProfiling), and various scattered places
added more specific ones (start/stop vtune, dumpProfile, etc.) This patch makes
jsdbgapi do all of it, so that all users get the same set.

Also rename JS_DumpProfile -> JS_DumpBytecode to avoid name conflict. The
bytecode dumps are how the counters ("profiles") are displayed, so the
DumpProfile name was bogus anyway.

extra : rebase_source : 2d3e626ef43ac41c6da401a779775a63fc96a427

Steve Fink Steve Fink 2011-07-26