Mac OS X version is coming soon

  • Last year I bought an Apple iBook, and the one thing that I felt was missing was a decent DjVu viewer for Mac OS X. I don't like the Lizardtech viewer plugin, so I decided to port my viewer to Mac. Currently I have some time that I can spare on this project, so expect a preview version with basic features to come next week, and then other features will become available gradually in a few months.

    Please post your suggestions, questions and feature requests to this forum or to the tracker.


    • Hi Andrew,

      A mac version would be greatly appreciated! The Lizardtech viewer does not really work well.
      I am really looking forward to it.


      • Hi Andy,

        A preview version is available here at SourceForge, and though it is still at the early stage of development it already has besic features such as continuopus layout. I haven't made many enhancements since the first version because there was no response to it. The main feature which is not yet present is printing. It would be great if you could download the preview version and post here your comments. I'm interested first of all in usability comments, not the reports of missing features (hopefully, with version 0.4 the features will be the same in Win and Mac builds), and of course bug reports.


    • Works, and works well. Good job. The continuous page layout issue is the reason I didn't like the djvu format before. Since I use it for screen viewing, I can finally get some reading done now. It will be nice when there's a toolbar available, like what the windows version has. Will report back if I find any bugs.

      Mmmm - you might want to include instructions for mac users for how to set MacDjView as the default viewer. [get finder info on any djvu file, in the 'Open with:' section, change the app to DjView and then click the 'Change All...' button]


    • o1e9

      Andrew, first of all thank you very much for Mac version of DjView it works great!

      However I have found a typo in Info.plist, the third line from the bottom:


      It creates annoying problem then Mac does not remember MacDjView as an application must be used.  Removing that line makes possible MacDjView become a "default" application for djvu format files after first use then "Always Open With" button is pressed.  In case DjVU plugin is not installed MacDjView becomes a default application bound to .djvu files but Info.plist must be fixed to make it happen.

    • Just downloaded the Mac Viewer.  Great tool.  I'd like to see some bookmark support and the ability to go to a specific page.

      All the best,


    • MacDjview 0.1 runs like a charm on Panther (10.3) but crashes on Tiger (10.4.2). I failed to compile the source.
      1) what should I do with libdjvu.a which appers in libdjvu folder after make?
      2) Where should I get libstdc++.a ?


      • Hello Victor,

        I have just installed Tiger on my iBook and MacDjView runs without any problems. I did not try to compile it under Tiger though. I guess it will be easier to create a new project from scratch than to fix the existing project. The file libdjvu.a is meant to link statically to the MacDjView executable, and libstdc++.a should be linked to it automatically by Xcode, at least with gcc 3.3. In gcc 4.0 this library is now a dylib, so compilation apparently fails. I think that I'll stick to gcc 3.3 to allow MacDjView to run on pre-10.3.9. I'll move to Xcode 2.1 this week and probably will upload a new executable.


    • It is strange: I tried under 10.4.2 on both G5 and G4 and attempts to open files crashed applications. Hope that if you compile it under Xcode 2.1 and upload it will work nicely

    • In contrast to 0.1  new version 0.1.1 works on Tiger but still is very basic: no Find or Select Text tools

    • Great Job

      One thing i miss though is a "go to page function and a place where the total page count is shown. That would make the app complete:-)

    • is the mac version still under development?

      it works fine for me, and i like the simple interface very much but i would really appreciate to be able to print too


      • The development of the Mac version has pretty much stopped. It was based on the Windows version, but the code was pretty much changed and tweaked, so the two versions do not currently share any codebase. My plan was to refactor the Windows version to make the common parts compile on either platform, to reduce the amount of code. I am slowly moving in that direction, but I have no idea how long it will take to actually finish this.

    • Dear Andrew,

      Actually, we really appreciate your work.

      Moreover, MacDjView works with macosx 10.5,
      but Lizartech version does not work.


      Juan Luis Varona

      • Thanks, Juan! I know that the Mac version has not been updated for two years now, but I still want to return to it to add the missing features, so some day you might see a new version. :)

    • Andrew,

      MacDjView 0.1.2 runs on iMac 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo under OS X 10.5.3 !!!

      Excellent, since there's no real competition at this moment, it seems ...

      Thank you & please reconsider stopping development for Mac OS X.
      The Mac community needs your efforts badly ...

      The Netherlands

    • Andrejs Veliks
      Andrejs Veliks

      One wish - what about moving to iPhone Your program?

    • Andrew,
      this App is fast and efficient, I love it. Thanks.

      Two things I'd appreciate:
      -Smaller, more modern icons in the symbol bar



  • Anonymous

    Dear Andrew,

    Thank you for the work on this app, a great contribution.

    The application is great/perfect for my use, but for the default layout: large toolbar and small window, and other view settings. Unfortunately the preferences are not remembered correctly. The toolbar comes back, and if we change the path of a file other preferences are lost.

    I have used your application for 5 years approximately and I put up with this, modifying the plist file by hand at times, but passing to snow leopard I am having trouble doing this now.

    It would be a very big service if you could fix those issues: remembering all viewing preferences consistently.
    Preferences/consistency/minimizing the complexity to do basic things really is the crucial part of a viewer I would say. It seems even Apple's developers are still not understanding it too well. I may be saying too much already though.

    Anyway, thank you again,


  • Anonymous

    Hey guys :)
    Is there any news for MacDjvu? Works fine, but no bookmarks, no printing and no tabs is really sad.

  • issoeocio


    a new version if new icons will be great.