#59 WinDjView 1.0.3 uses all CPU


WinDjView 1.03 (and 1.01) uses all of one CPU when viewing one particular file. OS is Windows XP SP3 The problem file is 18 MB and available from http://ifile.it/l6rjfx4/Kuhn.rar.html. The file is a Rar file. Rename it to remove the .html extension.


  • There are no specific problems with this file. CPU usage is caused by background generation of thumbnails. Due to the high resolution (600 dpi) and large size of this document, this takes a while (6 minutes on my PC). However, once all thumbnails are generated, CPU usage will drop to normal. Please note that the thread that generates thumbnails operates at low priority, so you should be able to use the system normally during this process. If you still would like to reduce CPU usage, you can either hide the thumbnails pane or disable background thumbnails generation in the Settings dialog.

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