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Chu Lin

I cannot cancel the highlighting operation. I selected the text that I've applied highlight, and rightclick, then leftclick on "highlight text" to change th features, I've selected "none" to eliminate the highlighting, but it doesn't dissappear, changing the transparency doesn't work neither, it's just making it worst...Because the new operation is "covering" the olders.

Then I delete, and re-download the ebook, I've unistalled and re-installed the software...When I open the same -but re-downloaded- ebook, THE HIGHLIGHTING WAS STILL THERE!

Please, I really need your help because I need to read this document for my exam. Thank you.


  • Chu Lin
    Chu Lin


  • Chu Lin
    Chu Lin

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  • When you select a block text and click "Highlight", you will indeed create a
    new highlighted region - this works as intended. To change the properties of
    an existing highlight (also called annotation), don't select the text - just
    right click the annotated region. From there you can either choose "Edit" to
    modify its properties or "Delete" to remove it altogether.

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