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#9 WinACD-0.4.6 and 30" Apple Cinema HD Display


I have a 30" Apple Cinema HD Display running on a Windows XP and installed WinACD-0.4.6 from SourceForge. After installing the software, I had to manually select the "Apple Cinema HD Display 30-Inch" drivers. The Apple control tab shows "None Present" for the Virtual Control Panel. After reading a couple articles, it seems this feature is dependant on the USB/HID device that Windows recognizes. Currently, the device manager see the USB portion of the monitor as a HID-compliant device and a Generic Hub. And, I am unable to force it to use the WinACD drives.

In the winacd inf files, I noticed there is a description matching, "USB\Vid_05ac&Pid_912f", which appears as "Generic USB Hub" in my Device Manager and currently is not using the WinACD drivers but the generic Microsoft one. Through Sniffer for USB, it looks like this listed as "USB\Vid_05ac&Pif_921f&Rev_0101"

For the "HID-Compliant device" there isn't a matching description in the winacd.inf matching "HID\Vid_05ac&Pid_9221" and through USB Sniffer it is listed as "USB\Vid_05ac&Pid9221&Rev_0115"

I was wondering if anyone else out there knew of a way to get the full use of the winacd application with my particular monitor.


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