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#9 Cannot Read SD Card

5 days ago
cos marchy

I cannot get Disk Imager to read from an micro SD card. I get the following error:
Lock Error: An error occurred when attempting to lock the volume. Error 5: Access is denied.
There are no programs using the micro SD card and no windows open which I believe are using the img file.
I have tried rebooting the computer and the SD card adaptor is unlocked.
I have also tried several card readers and different cards both SD and micro SD.


  • Tobin Davis
    Tobin Davis

    Could you provide a little more information? This sounds like you don't have admin priviledges or something. I have not been able to reproduce these occasional errors that users report, but having admin access usually solves the problem.

  • cos marchy
    cos marchy

    I am running as admin and I even use the "Run as Administrator" option.
    I have tried several SD cards of various flavours, changed the lock position just in case. I have tried internal and external card readers.

  • cos marchy
    cos marchy

    Nothing at the link helped. I discovered another reader in a box and tried out of desperation - it worked. There were no problems reading the SD card.
    It seems after four card readers only one seems to work!! Not sure what it is about them which stops them working though???

  • Tobin Davis
    Tobin Davis

    That is indeed very odd. I wish I could point to a utility that you could run that would give me more info to see if I can figure it out. I really hate having to shrug and move on, simply because I don't have enough information to go on.

    Hopefully the next release will incorporate some debugging capabilities. Not sure how to do it, but...

  • Enzo Atler
    Enzo Atler

    well the problem is simple and a easy way to fix it, when format the device, just leave all to default? don't use NTFS, if possible restore all to default in format Window, after that, check device and try format now in FAT32 is default, and is all, you don't got any error and write going very well, have fun.

  • Shtutnik
    5 days ago

    In case anyone else encounters this issue, as I did, this is what solved it for me:
    After receiving the "access denied" message, I removed the SD card WITHOUT closing Win32 Disk Imager, and then re-inserted it again. Win32 Disk Imager recognized the SD again once inserted and then I pressed the "Read" button. This time I didn't receive the "access denied" message and the contents of the SD card was read into the file I specified at the beginning of the whole process.
    Just wanted to share,
    Good Luck!