#8 Browse Dialog doesnt open then crashes application


When you open the Browse dialog the application hangs, nothing appears in the dialog and the application stops responding

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  • Tobin Davis
    Tobin Davis

    The screenshot indicates that you are using Windows 8. Please note that not a lot of testing has been done on this OS.

    I have seen this issue occasionally on my work system (Windows 7 64bit), but have not been able to root cause it (it happens one in 10 times I start the program). The issue is that it takes a while to find the default directory (Downloads directory for the logged in user). To bypass this issue, you can set "DiskImagesDir" to a path on your system (i.e. DiskImagesDir=c:\MyImages).

  • Doktor J
    Doktor J

    I am experiencing this same issue with Windows 7 x64. I run wind32diskimager.exe, click the browse button and it crashes. I am not sure what you mean by "set 'DiskImagesDir' to a path on your system". I tried adding an environment variable with the name "DiskImagesDir" and the value as a valid path on my local system, but it doesn't help. I am now completely unable to image SD cards from my PC and I have to go to another PC to do this. I also tried redownloading and extracting the files, this did not help either.

  • Doktor J
    Doktor J

    I can't edit my post, but I would like to add one more thing. If I manually type or paste the path of the image, all works fine, but browsing for one does not work at all.