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WilmaScope 3D Graph Visualizatio / News: Recent posts

Moved to repository to Subversion

I've moved the source repository to subversion, instructions:

Posted by Tim Dwyer 2007-07-05

New development - HELP WANTED

Despite what activity statistics at sourceforge may show, WilmaScope has been under slow but steady development for the last three years. In October and November I will be working almost full time to document, clean up, and extend the codebase so that other developers can more easily contribut to the project. However after that I'll be starting a new job which won't leave me as much time to work on WilmaScope. Please, please, please if you use Wilma and would like to help out in any way (coding new features/fixing bugs/updating the web page ANYTHING!) then contact me (

Posted by Tim Dwyer 2004-10-16

Wilma's a hit in Germany!

Posted by Tim Dwyer 2001-07-16

Wilma 2.0 - get it now!

The long awaited sequel to Wilma unimaginatively named Wilma 2.0 has been released and is available for download. Get it Today!!
New features include:
- Completely redesigned such that the underlying graph model is independant of the layout engine and the 3D views
- A revamped GUI
- Load and save graphs to XML file format
- 3D View plugin components for representing graph elements.
- Collapsible clusters... clusters may now be 'collapsed' with the click of a mouse button to ellide their contents.
- Precise geometry based mouse picking
- More stability (hopefully)
- Hierarchical clustering in the graph model, means vastly improved performance for highly clustered graphs
- Many more features that I can't think of right now

Posted by Tim Dwyer 2001-07-16

Invincibe Debian package lays Downtown Tokyo to Waste!!!

Wilmascope Services today released a collection of ultra-high tech Debian GNU/Linux packages so funky they'll have you wearing flares in no time.

Scandalous details at

Posted by Peter Eckersley 2001-05-31

Wilma Released!!!

Wilma source is now on Source Forge!

Posted by Tim Dwyer 2001-01-12