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PC --> PS3 conversion (BL2)

  • Mark

    Hey all,

    I apologize fi this is a noob question, I have been trying to find the asnwer on Google for about an hour now and this is the only thing that came up over and over again. I own a copy of BL2 that I have been playing on my PC. However, a bunch of my friends are planning on having a PS3 LAN party with BL2 as the main event, as it were. I have been trying to find a way to convert my save file to be used on a PS3 (I don't need uber weapons etc, just the ability to play). I just bought a copy of the PS3 version. Any ideas?

  • matt911

    I don't know of any way to convert your savegame.  WillowTree# does not support Borderlands 2 and I don't personally even know how to encode or decode PS3 savegames from Borderlands 2 so even if I was to write an editor that could edit Borderlands 2 savegames it probably would not support PS3.  I know how the Borderlands 2 savegames are encoded on Xbox 360 and PC, but not PS3.