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WillowTree# for Mac aka AppleTree

  • Intyre

    Thanks xanderchaos for this Borderlands editor and for sharing the source.
    I'm using vmware fusion on my MacBook to edit my save games. It works very good.

    But I wanted it on my Mac and downloaded the source.
    Mac uses objective-c and willowtree#  C#.
    I started xcode3 start a project: AppleTree
    Reading the source told me a lot about the file structure so I ported it to objective-c.

    It only reads the save game and I'm not finished yet.
    I just started to play with Objective-c the code is not nice.

    If you are familiar with Xcode and wants to help please contact me.

    Keep up the good work!!

  • Intyre

    Nobody wants a Mac version?

    I need one, and I'm working on it.
    Will post more info soon.

    Let me know if u own a Mac.

  • Instead of redeveloping WT for MAC,I was wondering if you could just make a file converter from PC to MAC for Borderland save.

    Could save you a lot of time.

  • matt911

    I would guess he is developing a Mac version because he wants it to *run* on the Mac not because the file format is different on the Mac.  WillowTree# would already detect whether Mac saves are big endian or little endian so they should load as either PC or PS3 format already and work fine if you run WT# on your PC to edit a Mac savegame.  WillowTree# is designed for Windows machines and uses some system calls and technologies that are particular to Microsoft Windows, especially the VB.NET functions (not implemented in Mono), registry use functions and some of the system level API calls that are part of x360.dll to enable decoding  the Xbox savegames.  Anything that uses a system call particular to Windows would have to be changed to its equivalent on the Mac for WT# to work successfully.

  • Intyre

    I only use Mac. Sure i can start a virtual machine but i don't want it. I Like developing so i started the project.
    The source of WillowTree# helped me a lot while rebuilding it for Mac in Objective-C. It didn't take to much time, but i have only tested it with PS3 files. Now i'm working on the gear naming, WillowTree# is using txt files to get the names. I want to use the data from and also show the card and stats. This takes the most of my time to figure out how to do that. Got it almost working for the Patrol SMG, looks great!
    If anyone is interesting and own a Mac maybe knows Objective-C let me know.

  • 1pp1k10k4m1

    I use Mac. I'll be happy to help! Not a developer…but I can help test. This would be awesome, thanks!