WildMIDI 0.2.3 Release

Long overdue release of WildMIDI 0.2.3 is finally here. Once again a demo player is included to give a basic idea of how to use the library. Manpages are also included to help developers ...

Changes from 0.2.2 to 0.2.3
- Appropriate patches from Debian/Ubuntu applied, including the config patches.
- Valgrind errors fixed (still some coming from alsa or pulseaudio).
- Internal midi format changed for better handling.
- Options Altered
- Optional reverb added to the final output.
- Some code split out for easier maintainability.
- Full documentation for API, client and config file.
- Added FastSeek API.
- Added support for data increment/decrement midi controllers.
- Removed code from LoadSamples API.
- Fixed bug in example player where GetOutput errers were ignored

Posted by Chris Ison 2010-07-07