MediaWiki 1.3.0 released

After an annoyingly long series of beta releases, say hello to MediaWiki 1.3.0! Everyone running the beta releases is _strongly_ recommended to upgrade to the current code. MediaWiki is the collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, and other projects. It's designed to handle a large number of users and pages without imposing too rigid a structure or workflow.

This release includes a security fix: the 1.3.0 beta releases may be vulnerable to a PHP inclusion attack if include files are exposed and you have allow_url_fopen and register_globals on (this is the default configuration in PHP 4.1.x, but register_globals is off by default in 4.2.x and later).

Note that while MediaWiki through 1.1 required register_globals to be on, 1.2 and 1.3 *do not*. If you have register_globals on, you should turn it off unless you are absolutely sure you require it for some other package. See for general information.

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Posted by Brion Vibber 2004-08-12