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#68 upload log text amended to image history


In the past I have provided very important source information to the summary field provided when
uploading an image (alas, now this is gone from the log -- where is it?). It would be /very/ useful and
important to have this same text become part of the image's history.

It seems odd that this isn't now the case: Logically, uploading an image "creates" the image in the
database so whatever is said in the summary field at that time should be entry #1 in the image's history,

In addition, for one image we have; the image history, the history of edits to the image page and the
uploads log -- which is a bit confusing. I'm not sure how to remedy this particular thing though....

BTW, it is way cool that URLs in the upload summary fields now are active. Perhaps we should
encourage (maybe even require...) uploaders to provide a weblink to the media's source /if/ that media
were obtained from another website. This would make checking for copyright compliance a snap.



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    Currently, uploading an image is the equivalent of "editing": it
    creates the image if it doesn't exist, otherwise it replaces the
    current revision and puts the old one into history.
    The "summary" field of the upload is intended to
    describe /this upload/, not necessarily the image itself (which
    has its own page now).

    But you are correct that the old log pages have useful
    information that shouldn't get lost. I'll figure out some way to
    recover it. Raising priority.

    • priority: 5 --> 7
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    Well isn't one of the reasons why we still have the summary field is to provide some evidence the the file is in fact
    legal to have on the server and to give some information about it? Isn't this also the function of the
    image:namespace page for that article? Why should we require users to say the same thing twice?


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    The summary field describes /this specific act of uploading/,
    while the image page describes the file itself. There may be
    several uploaded version of the same file, for example, and
    the summary field for each upload will say something
    like "cropped to better size", "removed border", etc. The
    image description page will say what the image is and where
    it's from.

  • Brion Vibber
    Brion Vibber

    • status: open --> closed
  • Brion Vibber
    Brion Vibber

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    Already implemented.