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#609 Automatic citation link


A link in the footer (down by the copyrights, timestamp,
and disclaimers) labeled "Cite this
article|page|whatever" be very useful. It make the life
easier for students using wikis as sources for their
papers. Ease of citation is a good way to ensure that
wikis actually get cited, which will generate more traffic,
which will generate better content, and so on.

The way I envision this feature working is that when a
user clicks the "Cite this article" link, a small pop-up
window would be generated, containing a proper citation
for the current revision of the article in a number of
popular formats (e.g., APA, MLA, MHRA).


  • Joseph Lott
    Joseph Lott

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    Also, this citation should include a URL which will refer to
    the page as viewed on the cited date. For example, I viewed
    Theater (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theater) in March,
    cited it and published a paper on my school's website.
    Someone read it in August, and went back to check the
    citation. In the meantime, the article had been improved, to
    the point where my quotations aren't there, the information
    doesn't line up, and my paper looks totally wrong.

    Now, I followed good style and my citation includes the date
    I visited the website, but my reader has to notice this,
    know that seeing the old version is possible, go to History,
    and manually select the page I saw.

    If the citation link could provide me a URL that would
    always refer to the page I saw (ie, the current version at
    the time the link is generated), I could cite confidently
    and easily.

  • Joseph Lott
    Joseph Lott

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    Forgot to add this:
    When I visit a cited-version link, and it is no longer the
    newest version, I should see a header note that I have
    visited the article as cited, but a newer version is
    available (and linked).

  • Ashar Voultoiz
    Ashar Voultoiz

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    Implemented as the Cite extension and live on wikimedia servers.

  • Ashar Voultoiz
    Ashar Voultoiz

    • status: open --> closed