#604 User defined unit setting to auto-convert metric/imperial

Jacob Levine

Many (most?) English speaking Wikipedia users are only
familiar with one of the two major systems used
worldwide- the SI/c-g-s/metric system and the Imperial
system. A lot of discussion has gone into how to best
represent this in the articles. You can read some of
that discussion here:

My thinking is that fixing it in software would be an
elegant solution. You can read some discussion about
this idea here:
Similar to how users now can specify how they want
their dates formatted, they could specify their unit
preferences and the mediawiki software would handle the
conversion of relevant wikicoded tags. I can understand
if this might be deemed too much work for the
developers or to add too much load to the servers though.


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    I would like to second this suggestion. It would eliminate a
    major debate, make the whole Wiki more usable to people
    from around the world, and possibly add to the stability of the
    global ecosystem!

    I'd also like to see automatic monetary conversion. I have
    trouble calculating, say, AUS$, CAN$, US$, Euros, Pounds,
    Yuan, etc in my head, and usually mentally skip the fact
    rather than go to a calculator. This is bad.

    Ped Xing