#16 Edit box 100%

Magnus Manske

The Edit Box should have a width of 100% by default.
Maybe as a user option, like it is now on the 'pedia.


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    It is a user option now to have a fixed number of
    columns--maybe the default could be wider. But we can't do
    "100%" because we're not inside a table anymore, and 100%
    would overwrite the quickbar. What we want is "100% -
    margin", but there's no way to do that in CSS. I could put
    the edit boxes inside a table with a spacer column like I
    had to do for the header, but then what do we do with the
    user setting? Either it's a fixed number of columns or it's
    not. Maybe the value "0" could mean "fill the space"?

  • Magnus Manske
    Magnus Manske

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    I tried the 100% a while ago in the wikitest, and it seemed to
    work fine (in IE6). That's why I'd like this to be a user option,
    defualt off; try it, if it doesn't work on your browser, just turn it
    off again.
    Well, this isn't an essential feature;)

    • status: open --> closed
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    I haven't heard much screaming about this either during the
    test period or on the live site, so I'm going to close, because
    it just seems to risky to me for little gain.