Wiki/Blog hybrid Wikepage Opus 11 2006.3 is released!

Wikepage is a very small wiki/blog/personal site builder. It uses flat files as a database, so no extra database is required. It has i18n support, multi-language site support, password protected pages, table support, CSS styling, file upload, RSS output, and a lot of other features. Wikepage is now more reliable and XHTML friendly and optimized. Even with new features, it's smaller than Opus 10. New features of 2006.3 (codename: Shubnikov - de Hass) are: * Upload problem is solved, * Blog time bug is solved, * Table of Content of pages, * Boxed image support, * New timing schema, * Many improvements on Filtering function, * Fixes in English, * More friendly code, * Email bug is fixed.

Posted by Sefer Bora LISESIVDIN 2006-10-27