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WiiC v1.1 is now available.

WiiC v1.1 is now available. It includes several fixes for the Mac version and some changes in the computation of the device roll and pitch.

Posted by gabriele82rm 2011-04-17

WiiC v1.0 is now available

WiiC v1.0 is now available. It includes a logging system to collect accelerometer data and is integrated with the OpenCV's machine learning library for gesture recognition.

Posted by gabriele82rm 2011-04-11

WiiC v0.53 is now available

WiiC v0.53 is now available. It includes the new Wii Bonjour system to register and automatically load your Wii devices.

Posted by gabriele82rm 2010-09-07

WiiC 0.51 is now available

WiiC 0.51 is now available. This is a minor update, with no new functionality, but we changed all the function signature. The adopted prefix is now only "wiic" and not anymore "wiiuse". The same applies to macros.

Posted by gabriele82rm 2010-08-21

WiiC 0.50 is now available

WiiC 0.50 is now available, with a new full support for BalanceBoard [Mac/Linux]

Posted by gabriele82rm 2010-07-08

WiiC 0.40 is now available

WiiC 0.40 is now available, with many improvements and bug fixes for the Mac version.

Posted by gabriele82rm 2010-05-17

Motion Plus and state tracking

A better support for Motion Plus state has been added on SVN, as well as a raw gyro threshold to avoid to notify too many events.

Posted by gabriele82rm 2010-02-28

WiiC 0.31 is now available

WiiC 0.31 has been released. It fixes some bug for the Mac version, concerning the Motion Plus and disconnection detection.

Posted by gabriele82rm 2010-02-25

WiiC 0.30

WiiC 0.30 is now available!

Posted by gabriele82rm 2010-02-21