WideStudio v.3.00 Released

WideStudio is an integrated development environment(IDE) to build window applications under Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Linux, FreeBSD, SOLARIS and many other unix platforms. This is a free software (MIT/X Consortium License) and the source codes are open. It allows us to build an application that works on both Linux and windows.

This is the announcement of the release of the WideStudio version 3.00.

0. New Features:

Components for accessing to
Database server (OBDC and PostgreSQL)
3D Graphics Library (OpenGL and J3W)
Socket communication (TCP and UDP)

Remote instance function :
you can access to an instance on other host.

PNG format is supported.

autoconf-like configure script under unix for detecting jpg/xpm/png/opengl/odbc/postgres libraries.

Since most of the documents on the new (and the other) features above have not yet fully written, see the sample codes in ws/samples/ to learn the programming in the WideStudio.

1. Features:

Application builder that has a platform-independent interface.
Original large class library (GUI and more).
Window editor for editing visually GUI components in a window.
Code generation support for event-driven process of GUI components.
Management of a project including C++ files, resource files and makefile.
Facility to make an additional class by users.

Look-and-Feel absorbing the difference of the appearances between Windows and X11.
UNICODE(UTF8) support as well as SJIS, EUC-JP/KR/CN, ISO8859-X etc. to realize an international and multi-platform application.

Computer Graphics components through OpenGL and J3W.
Remote instance class for distributed computing.
Database components that access to ODBC and PostgreSQL servers.

You can use your own editor, compiler and debugger.

2. Requirements:

Linux 2.0 or later.
SOLARIS 2.5 or later.
other unix and X Window System

GNU C++ (or your c++ compiler).
G++/MinGW32 (packages for Windows include this).

Debugger:(not necessary)
GDB, DBX (or your c++ debugger).
GDB/MinGW32 (packages for Windows include this).

vi, Emacs, notepad (or your editor).

Web browser:(not necessary)
Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, IE (or your browser) to see the online documents.

For X11: libxpm and libjpg
optionally: libpng, OpenGL(Mesa), OBDC and PostgreSQL

For Windows: none
optionally: OBDC and PostgreSQL

3. see

WideStudio Home Page: http://www.widestudio.org/EE/

Project page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/widestudio/

4. available packages for v3.00

complete source codes and online documents in Japanese and English

complete source codes

complete online documents in Japanese and English, respectively

executable binaries for Windows and complete source codes, makefiles for windows, and online documents in Japanese

executable binaries for Windows and complete source codes, makefiles for windows, and online documents in English

executable binaries for Solaris 2.6 or later

RPM package for RedHat-based linux with executable binaries

Posted by T.Tamaki 2002-06-20