Dear Shun-Ichi,
I tried the procedure you wrote in your last reply. The complilation leads to the re-construction of all libwsXXX398.dll libraries except libwsmysql398.dll. I do not understand why as :
1. I copied my new libmysql.dll in others\mysql directory
2. I deleted the libmysql.a file.
3. I copied the new headers (include files from MySql server 5.0 installation) inside the others\mysql\include directory erasing the older files.
4. I launch makewin,bat from the ws\src directory under Prompt command.
Do you have an idea ?
I tried to connect to mysql through the ODBC connector 3.51 under Windows XP using the libwsodbc398.dll. This works perfectly even under Windows 98. Unfortunately, the program crashes under Vista (does the libwsodbc398.dll is compatible with vista ODBC layers ?)
Waiting for your reply
Thank in advance for your advice
Best regards