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experimental optional Whonix BitTorrent downloads

Only 1 in 22 persons (or worse) who download Whonix verify signatures using OpenPGP as recommend on the download page.

Therefore, optionally we may from now start providing BitTorrent downloads. BitTorrent has several advantages and disadvantages.

The good news is, if you download the .torrent file from a HTTPS secured page, such as whonix.org (migration from sourceforge to whonix.org still in progress, there will be a news about whonix.org later), in theory, the download won't be as safe as if you used OpenPGP verification, but at least as secure as HTTPS.

The disadvantage is, while you can easily download Whonix over http using the Tor Browser Bundle, hiding the fact, that you are downloading Whonix, you can not easily, anonymously download .torrent files over Tor. [1]

The BitTorrent files are here:


If applicable, please try to download them and report if it worked for you. If you want to contribute, please seed this files until a new version of Whonix is released.

Don't worry. Http downloads from sourceforge.net will be possible as long as sourceforge provides this great service. OpenPGP signatures will remain available.

[1] http://blog.torproject.org/blog/bittorrent-over-tor-isnt-good-idea

Posted by adrelanos 2013-07-09