Heavily Simplified Source Code and Build Documentation - Developer Preview 0.6.1

  • It's now using a step based build system with smaller files sorted by build steps and named by purpose. Check out the development branch on github.


  • Instructions how to build Whonix from source code have been shrunk down and simplified.


  • The Introduction into Whonix source code have been updated.


  • A Developer Portal has been created.

(Links to Source Code, Instructions how to build Whonix from Source Code, Developing / Hacking Whonix guide, Introduction into Whonix Source Code, Introduction into Whonix's simple git branch model, Options to stay up to date on Whonix Source Code Changes, Development Tickets, Optional Goodies, Detailed Design - What is each file good for?, Technical Design, Changelog, ChangelogNEXT, Useful stuff for debugging, Redistributing Whonix)


Posted by adrelanos 2013-03-26