Unicode fully supported now

The international audience should rejoice. With version 5.3 WhiteStarUML supports names created using Unicode characters so it is possible to create diagrams like this.

It was achieved due to built in support for Unicode in recent Delphi editions however some more work was needed to adapt expression parsers used to analyze entity names. I do not know if this feature is commonly used but it is for instance possible to specify along with class name also stereotype and visibility in the same line by typing something like "<< stereo >> - MyClass". If all is parsed correctly you will see class MyClass with stereotype stereo and private visibility (-).

This functionality is accomplished using a parser generator. In StarUML it was ProGrammar (now discontinued) currently replaced with GOLD Parsing System It was chosen because of being free, having support for Unicode chars and being language independent. Nevertheless for the time being the only platform supported by the latest version is .NET hence there is a new DLL created using .NET (ParserCore.dll) and requiring presence of .NET 2.0 or later what should not be noticeable on Vista or a newer system as it comes with .NET preinstalled. If the case of any problem name parsing is silently dropped and names are copied verbatim. Consequently if the parser does not work as you expect you may rename/delete ParserCore.dll to disable that future. With time I may create a Delphi engine for the Gold parser and this feature will be integrated more closely. Besides this Gold Parser will most likely be used in the future to create support for new languages especially those that come with predefined grammars for Gold (Delphi 7, C# 2.0, VB.NET).

Posted by Janusz Szpilewski 2012-07-21