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Thanks for coming and checking out this project! If you are familiar with StarUML you probably noticed that while being quite popular it was not being updated for a while. There are various reasons for this, the original developers losing their interest and the implementation language and environment too exotic and complex to easily attract new developers.

Nevertheless I believe that despite the criticism, Delphi as the principal development language was a main force behind the success of StarUML. Thanks to its productivity boost the project could grow and gain popularity while being backed by a team of several developers. Most of projects of similar scope usually hire a lot of more people. So I think it can be continued from this point. The source code already got migrated to modern Delphi editions, dependence on some third party, outdated components eliminated and currently updating and compiling the source code requires the following environment:

Delphi 2010 or newer, any edition, including the low cost Starter Edition (150$)

and following components:

Virtual TreeView (free)
JEDI library (free)
ExpressBars (commercial - 150$, but extensively used and vastly contributing to the modern look and functionality of the software so really worth its price)

Delphi and ExpressBars come also with a free 30-days trial so you can at any time take a look at the code. Of course you do not need any of those to use the binaries so you are invited to do so and drop a line of the feedback what you like and what not...

Posted by Janusz Szpilewski 2011-12-18