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WHIFF 1.1 improves GAE support

The new release WHIFF 1.1 improves support for Google App
Engine applications and fixes a number of
bugs/misfeatures regarding string quoting
and encoding.

Posted by Aaron Watters 2011-03-18

WHIFF 1.0 += guarded resources

WHIFF 1.0 is the first official release of WHIFF. It includes an optional data access control paradigm called guarded resources, and fixes a number of bugs and misfeatures.

Posted by Aaron Watters 2010-06-06

whiff 0.5 += open flash charts

The new 0.5 release of WHIFF adds built in support for open flash charts, fixes some bugs, and adds some enhancements. Please see for more information on the OFC support.

Posted by Aaron Watters 2009-09-17

performance bug in 0.4

There is a performance bug in the "auto reload" features added in 0.4 that makes a root module application reload modules too many times. To avoid it you can get the latest from the mercurial repository. The patch is available at but that patch also includes some other miscellaneous fixes -- only the segment is relevant.

Posted by Aaron Watters 2009-07-17

whiff 0.4

WHIFF (WSGI HTTP Integrated Filesystem Frames) 0.4 released
WHIFF 0.4 += repoze.who authentication + menus + calculator + docs

The new WHIFF 0.4 release linked from

includes the following enhancements

Built in support for repoze.who based authentication
(from )

Ajax calculator demo and tutorial:
see: read more

Posted by Aaron Watters 2009-07-14

flash based charts added to WHIFF

WHIFF.0.3 adds amChart Flash based Charts.

The amChart chart widgets
[ ]
provide a sophisticated methodology

for creating beautiful and interactive
statistical charts using Adobe Flash
plug-in technology.

The WHIFF.0.3 release adds extensive
support for embedding amCharts charts
in web pages under the ./demo/amcharts
demo directory area.

Please look at chart examples
explained in the documentation at

Posted by Aaron Watters 2009-06-12

0.2 beta release

NEW RELEASE: Based on constructive criticism some of the configuration directives have more sensible names now. There are also many miscellaneous minor improvements and bugfixes.

Posted by Aaron Watters 2009-04-27

Development status now beta

Since there have been a number of downloads and
no one has screamed at me, I'm moving the development
status to beta. I've made a bunch of cosmetic changes available from the mercurial repository (see link) not yet uploaded to the files area, but there were no major bugfixes.

Posted by Aaron Watters 2009-04-17

WHIFF first public release

I just uploaded the first public release of WHIFF: WSGI/HTTP Integrated Filesystem Frames. I hope you like it. See for additional information.

Posted by Aaron Watters 2009-04-06