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Where Spider / News: Recent posts

Where Spider Released

Supports now regular expressions and a proxy.

Posted by juhilt 2005-04-22

Where Spider Released

A new version of the Where Spider software is realeased. It supports pause and resume of the download.

Posted by juhilt 2004-12-29

Where Spider RC 2 Released

User should upgrade to this version as soon as possible. RC 2 contains bug fixes for found and known bugs.

Posted by juhilt 2004-11-21

Where Spider RC 1 Released

Where Spider RC 1 ( setup and source is available for download.

Posted by juhilt 2004-10-15

The Web Site Is Online

The web site of the project is online. Thanks goes to Edward Ritter.

Posted by juhilt 2004-08-26

Where Spider Setup Released

This is for end users and developers.

Posted by juhilt 2004-08-10