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Whatsup 1.9-1 Released

-- Support different APIs to osm_mad_pool_init() for openib backend module.

Posted by Albert Chu 2009-02-26

Whatsup 1.8-1 Released

Changes in whatsup-1.8-1

- Various minor bug fixes.

Posted by Albert Chu 2008-06-28

Whatsup 1.7-1 Released

Changes in whatsup-1.7-1

- Add libnodeupdown nodeupdown_last_up_time() function.
- Add last_up_time support to nodeupdown cerebro backend.
- Add whatsup -r option.

Posted by Albert Chu 2007-09-19

Whatsup 1.6 Released

Changes in whatsup-1.6

- Add whatsup cerebro --monitor option.
- Add whatsup --log options.
- Add whatsup --module option.
- Add openib up/down backend module.

Posted by Albert Chu 2006-12-21

Whatsup 1.5 Released

Changes in whatsup-1.5-1

- Added pingd daemon as possible whatsup backend tool.
- Support pingd in nodeupdown.

Posted by Albert Chu 2006-07-11