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Feedback needed

It seems WGM has been downloaded a good amount.

*The author needs feedback*

What is available as of Sept/2006 is basically a prototype.

I need to know if this is a tool that someone will even find useful. I also am concerned about the slow performance of editing users and groups through the network on .NET. Please post feedback in the forums or email me.

Posted by tog benson 2006-09-09

ALPHA release ready to download

This is the first release. Until I figure out the best way to distribute the source and use CVS, I am going to upload zips.

Adding and editing users and groups and group membership is all there really is now. Adding users to groups not always working.

Posted by tog benson 2006-03-25

Workgroup Manager project launch!

I am very pleased to announce the launch of Workgroup Manager. WGM aims fill the void between Windows workgroups and Directory Services by making the management of workgroups easier and more reliable.

Posted by tog benson 2005-12-04