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New document versions uploaded

The https://sourceforge.net/docman/?group_id=116317 page contains the latest versions of all scripts.
cparse.awk contains now the tests, as well as regular documentation, implementation and build rules.

Posted by Pjotr Kourzanoff 2004-08-16

Documentation updates

Old versions of cast.awk and cparse.awk removed.
New versions of these, and findident.awk, nopp.awk and gentree uploaded.

Posted by Pjotr Kourzanoff 2004-08-12

New documents

I've uploaded design and implementation documents for cast.awk and cparse.awk into the Docs repository. These
are real literate programs, so this should be sufficient for any literate programmer out there. However, to address a wider audience, pre-built versions will be released later. Stay tuned...

Posted by Pjotr Kourzanoff 2004-08-11

Development started!

Well, here we go...

Posted by Pjotr Kourzanoff 2004-08-11