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wEMBOSS / News: Recent posts

wrappers4EMBOSS 3.0.0 released

It contains support for BLAST+ and InterPro 5.

Posted by Guy Bottu 2014-07-18

new developers to ensure project continuation

good news : Emiliano Barreto from EMBnet Columbia has joined the wEMBOSS development team, which will ensure the further development of wEMBOSS and wrappers4EMBOSS after the developers of the now defunct Belgian node step out of the project.

Posted by Guy Bottu 2012-06-10

wrappers4EMBOSS 2.6 released

It contains support for EMBOSS 6.4.0 and MRS 5. It has been extensively refreshed in order to make further development easier.

Posted by Guy Bottu 2012-05-01

wrappers4EMBOSS-2.5.1 released

ebi_tmhmm has been adapted to work with the new EBI Web server

Posted by Guy Bottu 2011-02-15

wrappers4EMBOSS-2.5.0 released

It contains support for EMBOSS 6.3.0.

Posted by Guy Bottu 2010-09-07

wrappers4EMBOSS-2.4.0 released

It contains support for EMBOSS 6.2.0 and a series of enhancements and bug fixes.

Posted by Guy Bottu 2010-04-18

wrappers4EMBOSS-2.3.0 released

It contains support for EMBOSS 6.1.0, MRS 4, PhyML 2, CLUSTAL 2 and InterProScan 4.5.

Posted by Guy Bottu 2009-08-24

wEMBOSS version 2

In order to make further development easier, wEMBOSS has been reorganized from the developer and manager point-of-view. It is now developed using Eclipse and the Epic plug-in. The development version is called wEMBOSSDEV. From this distribution versions can be regularly generated ; they are called wEMBOSSDIST, followed by some version number.

Posted by Guy Bottu 2009-06-29

multiple login problem fixed

With recent versions of Web browsers a problem had a appeared : you had
to type in your username/password for each frame separately (up to 4
times). We have recently released wEMBOSS subversion 1.8.1, with a
change in the login procedure that makes you must login only once.

Posted by Guy Bottu 2009-02-20

wrappers4EMBOSS-2.2.0 released

It contains bug fixes for running under EMBOSS version 6 and for using a local MRS version 3 installation, as well as some enhancements for the fastA, ps_scan, InterProScan and EBI Web Services modules.

Posted by Guy Bottu 2008-12-12

wrappers4EMBOSS: 2.1.0 released

wrappers4EMBOSS version 2.1 works with EMBOSS versions 3 to 6. It has a
new module for phylogeny using Maximum Likelihood and allows to access
a remote MRS server by Web Services. The module EBI Web Services has
been adapted to the new version of the EBI SOAP server.

Posted by Guy Bottu 2008-07-23

wEMBOSS-1.8.0 released

wEMBOSS version 1.8 works with EMBOSS versions from 3 to 6
and contains a lot of bug and feature fixes. There are
separate versions for Mac OSX and other UNIX flavors. It
contains wrappers4EMBOSS 2.1.0.

Posted by Guy Bottu 2008-07-23

wrappers4EMBOSS-2.0.0 released

wrappers4EMBOSS version 2 uses the EMBASSY package MYEMBOSS
rather then EMBOSS itself for compilation and installation and works
with EMBOSS versions from 3 to 5. It has two new modules MRS and
InterProScan and has been overall refreshed.

A new version of wEMBOSS with wrappers4EMBOSS 2 included is expected for begin 2008.

Posted by Guy Bottu 2007-11-29

wEMBOSS-1.7.1 released

This release is mainly to fix a problem with editing nucList and protList and also includes some minor changes.
wrappers4EMBOSS-1.5.1 is included in this wEMBOSS release.

Posted by msarachu 2006-12-27

wrappers4EMBOSS-1.5.1 released

This release adds some extra toggles for muscle, phiblast and psiblast to comply to wEMBOSS not allowing anymore users to choose name for output files.
These programs needs to create extra files and thus the toggle buttons allow it under wEMBOSS.

Posted by msarachu 2006-11-03

wEMBOSS-1.7.0 released

This release is compatible both with EMBOSS-4 and 3.
A few bugs fixed and some new features in this version.
wrappers4EMBOSS-1.5 is distributed with this release as an optional to install.

Posted by msarachu 2006-11-01

wrappers4EMBOSS-1.5.0 is released

Major improvement for this release are the new wrappers to EBI WebServices for blast, fasta and transmembrane prediction servers.
wEMBOSS-1.7 will be released in the upcoming

You can download wrappers4EMBOSS at https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=170030

Posted by msarachu 2006-09-01

We are moving in!

wEMBOSS site is moving to Sourceforge! In the following days our site will be completed. Last and previous releases are already available for download at http://wemboss.sourceforge.net

Posted by msarachu 2006-07-05