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WeissCalc 1.4 Download fixed

Sorry! The download didn't work for some reason. I've triple-checked it this time, and it works. Oh, and look for some improvements to the new graphing system in the next release!

Posted by kenpokarateboy 2007-01-27

WeissCalc 1.4 Released!

After a great deal of work, WeissCalc 1.4 is ready to be released. It features a major new feature: the equation grapher. WeissCalc can now graph up to three linear and three quadratic equations at the same time. The files are uploaded and ready to be downloaded.

Posted by kenpokarateboy 2007-01-27

WeissCalc 1.3 Released!

The first public release of WeissCalc, WeissCalc 1.3, is now available. Online documentation coming soon.

Posted by kenpokarateboy 2006-12-23