Yes, I'm creating a Scheduler instance. 
I didn't know I was supposed to use the one from the application.
Is it normal that a scheduler instance automatically does session sweeping?
Shouldn't the application create the task explicitely?

I have now fixed my code to use the existing scheduler.
Shouldn't you remove the previous fixes then?

Thanks for the hint.

On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 12:23 PM, Christoph Zwerschke <> wrote:
Am 06.12.2012 10:59, schrieb Sophana K:
> I have some tasks scheduled every 30m and 24h.
> I did nothing special about the session sweeper. Are they related to
> taskKit?

The session sweeper thread is started by the Application instance using
its own instance of the TaskKit scheduler, available as
Application.taskManager(). Do you use that scheduler instance or do you
use your own? To me it looks as if you're either running the session
sweeper twice or one of your tasks is doing something with the session
store of the application. Otherwise you shouldn't see that error.

-- Christoph

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