My tasks do not access the sessions. (Why would they?)
As it is a new behaviour, (I was using 0.9) a look at the changes could help...
Could it be the scheduler instances sharing some global task lists?

On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 2:38 PM, Christoph Zwerschke <> wrote:
Am 07.12.2012 12:16, schrieb Sophana K:
> Yes, I'm creating a Scheduler instance.
> I didn't know I was supposed to use the one from the application.

It's ok to create your own instance. But then the two schedulers will
run as two parallel threads which needs more ressources and you can get
these race conditions if both schedulers have tasks which access the
session store. It's also convenient to use the application.taskManager()
because it's started and stopped automatically together with the

> Is it normal that a scheduler instance automatically does session sweeping?
> Shouldn't the application create the task explicitely?

But that's excactly how it works. The application creates its own
scheduler, and then adds just one task, the one which is used for
session sweeping. You can replace that task with your own or add more
tasks if you like.

> I have now fixed my code to use the existing scheduler.
> Shouldn't you remove the previous fixes then?

The fixes are still helpful in case anybody changes the session store
for whatever maybe valid reasons.

It's still unclear to me what caused your problems: Do your own tasks
modify the session store? Then that's the explanation, because you ran
them in a parallel scheduler. If your own tasks don't change the
session, then you must continue searching for the error cause. It looks
like the session sweeper thread somehow was duplicated, but how this
happens is unclear to me without seeing your code. If you just create
your own Scheduler instance, this should not happen.

-- Christoph

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