Hey all,

First of all, thanks a *lot* to everyone that lent helpful suggestions. It's very appreciated.

Okay, I fixed my bug. Is there some problem inherent with passing a Session instance to the constructor of another object? For example:

class SomePage(AuthFrame):

    def writeContent(self):
        view = ComponentView(self.session())


class ComponentView:
    def __init__(self, sess):
        self.sess = sess

    def html(self):
        htmlStr = '<div id="ImportantDiv">\n'
        htmlStr += 'Some interesting HTML  ...\n'
        htmlStr += 'Component stuff here: %s' % sess.value('neededValue', someDefault)

        return htmlStr

As soon as I fixed that my session issues went away. I'm more than just a little annoyed with myself for not finding this sooner, but hey, I've been crazy busy, so cut me a break ...