I prefer PSP over Cheetah, personally.  It is better integrated into Webware -- just drop a PSP file into a context directory and it automatically gets compiled and cached.  Also it's "just Python" and doesn't require learning and using a different syntax like Cheetah does.  You can cleanly separate your code from your presentation by using Python servlets as base classes for your PSP's, or by having servlets forward to PSP's.
That's not to say that PSP is perfect.  Cheetah is probably better for non-programmers because of its simpler and more non-programmer-friendly syntax.  Also, PSP could use some additional features such as being able to define methods using PSP syntax instead of Python syntax, and making PSP's useable as base classes for other PSPs or servlets.  Custom tags would be nice too, but would probably require a complete rewrite of PSP.
- Geoff
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It seems to me that people aren't using PSP and that Cheetah (www.cheetahtemplate.org) is better. I was reading the page by the author of PSP and it seemed like he wrote it for fun a long time ago, but it hasn't been worked on since.


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