The documentation is pretty good on this and yes having done both it is much easier then tomcat.  In a nut shell:
add these lines to your apache conf
LoadModule webkit_module modules/mod_webkit.dll (or .so if you are on *nix)
# associate .psp with webkit
AddType text/psp .psp
AddHandler psp-handler .psp
# create the webkit "location"
<Location /WK>
WKServer localhost 8086
SetHandler webkit-handler
# this part is optional and removes the necessity of adding /WK/ to you webware servlet paths
# you could also use mod rewrite to do this (look at the wiki) but I find this simpler
Action application/py-serverpages /WK/
AddType application/py-serverpages .py
Lastly make sure that your webkit context's are correct.  Look in the context section of your webkit application.conf file.  I usually set the default context to be the same as my apache root, in this way I can mix servlets, psp and static files, but I know many people don't like to do this.
Also if you use Apache's virtual hosting you need to add the location of the virtual host as a webkit context and within the virtual host section make some mods like:
<VirtualHost *>
    DocumentRoot "C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache2/htdocs/VirtualLocation"
    ErrorLog logs/your logfile
 <Location /WK/VirtualLocation>
 WKServer localhost 8086
 SetHandler webkit-handler
 Action application/py-serverpages /WK/VirtualLocation/
 AddType application/py-serverpages .py
Hope this helps, 
Happy coding

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Hi --
I am using Apache and want to integrate it with Webware's WebKit.
Can someone give me an example of how this would be done.  Hopefully, it is easier that Apach-tomcat integration.
Thanks so much!!
Mark C. Mueller